French Martini

The French Martini – a modern cocktail classic. It is made with Chambord. This French liqueur is a raspberry liqueur from the Loire Valley. The liqueur was made in honor of King Louis XIV’s visit to Chambord. In addition to raspberries, the refined and fruity liqueur consists of blackberries, vanilla from Madagascar, Moroccan citrus peels, honey and old Cognac. Chambord is therefore more than a raspberry liqueur, and it is therefore a shame to replace this essential ingredient with it, as you see in many recipes.The French Martini is a so-called modern cocktail classic (‘contemporary classic’). The cocktail was conceived in the 1980s when, especially in the US, there were a cocktail renaissance began. The cocktail was conceived at one of Keith McNally’s bars in New York City. Super simple to make, with only three ingredients and deliciously fruity and seductive.


45ml vodka

45ml (fresh) pineapple juice

15ml Chambord

Shake with Hoshizaki Benelux ice cubes

Garnish: raspberries or pineapple wedges


Author: Richard Zijlstra